We All Like Figgy Pudding...So Bring Some Out Here!

Everyone here at the Wildlife Aid Foundation wishes you all a very Happyy Christmas!
We hope that all your wishes are fulfilled and that when you are making merry and eating your fill that you will spare a moment to remember our less fortunate feathery and fluffy friends. The prolonged awful wet weather has flooded many wild animals from their homes (we had yet another 200g hedgehog admitted yesterday!) and has made food scarce for all.

This partly leucistic blackbird (with white patches) was admitted on Christmas Eve after being found on the ground unable to fly and was first thought to have been catted. When Lucy examined him the real reason was all too obvious. He is terribly malnourished! The photos below show that his keelbone (sternum)  is like a razor blade with almost no breast muscle at all...no wonder he can't fly!

So when you've had your figgy pudding how about putting something out for the birds in your garden?
Mixed seed, suet blocks, apples and mealworms would all be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :o)  

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