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Every year, we rescue thousands of injured and orphaned animals and rehabilitate them until they are strong enough to survive in the wild, on their own.

By adopting an animal with the Wildlife Aid Foundation, you will be providing vital funds to support our efforts. Your kind adoption will help provide the expert care, treatment and food they require before they are safely returned to the wild – where they belong.

Your adoption will be helping to give wild animals a second chance.

You can make a real difference, today; choose one of our animal adoptions, below, to find out more.

FAQs about adopting an animal

Yes! You can adopt an animal for yourself, or for someone else (“Gift Recipient”).

Yes, a specific start date can be selected.

Answer coming soon...

Yes, we ship our adoption packs worldwide! Please be aware that international shipping can take some time, so allow extra time when ordering.

What's included?

Not only will you be providing invaluable care and helping countless animals, but you will also receive an exclusive adoption pack, including species fact sheet, personalised certificate, glossy photo, special 10th anniversary edition of ‘The Owl with the Golden Heart’, and a cuddly toy. We will also send you a six-month update on how your adoption is supporting wildlife.