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Owl adoption

There are 5 species of owl in the UK, including the Barn owl, Little owl, Tawny owl, Long-eared owl and Short-eared owl.

Habitat destructions, road traffic accidents (RTAs), and the use of pesticides (the owl's prey consumes vegetation with the pesticide on it and the owl digests the prey), are all threats to wild owl populations.

Since WAF was formed, we have continued to take in orphaned owl chicks and provide them around the clock care to help build their strength for a life in the wild.

What’s included in your owl adoption pack

Not only will you be providing invaluable care and helping countless animals, but you will also receive an exclusive owl adoption pack, including cuddly toy, species brochure, certificate of adoption, photo and more. NOTE: The pack will include either 'The Owl with the Golden Heart' book or 'Wildlife SOS' book, dependent on stock.

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How your adoption will help

Owls, with their round heads and large forward-facing eyes, are one of Britain’s most recognisable species.

Each year, at WAF, we receive multiple owlets that have fallen from their nest. These owls stay in our care until they are strong enough to return to the wild. Typically, we will release the owls where they were originally found.

Your adoption will help us to continue to look after the many owls that require our support, each year.

Adoption information

Adoptions are for a period of one year from the date you choose to start. We aim to send all packs within 5 to 7 days of receiving the order.

Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery, or 10 working days during peak season. Please note, all parcels are sent via Royal Mail for international orders. You can adopt an animal for yourself or for someone else.

When ordering your adoption, you can choose to have the pack sent either to yourself or to the gift recipient.

Please note, we recycle and reuse our packaging materials.

How to adopt an owl

Step 1: Select the amount you want to pay by Direct Debit each month, we require a minimum donation of £3.50 per month to cover the cost of the adoption, or if you prefer a one-off payment you can choose to donate any amount from £42

Step 2: Fill out your adoption details. If it is a gift please refer to the ‘adopting an owl as a gift?’ section on this page, before entering details.

Step 3: Compete your billing & delivery details

Step 4: Enter your payment details.

Step 5: Welcome to our community of owl lovers.

Adopt an owl as a gift

These adoption packs make great gifts for all animal lovers.

Select the ‘gift adoption’ option during the application and you will be prompted to enter the giftees details.

Note, there is no gift card included so if you choose to have the pack sent direct to the recipient you would need to inform them that you purchased the adoption.

Adopt an Owl

Your adoption will help Wildlife Aid rescue injured or sick owls and provide them with around the clock care, food and shelter.