Beat the Thief Appeal!

Last month, callous thieves targeted the Wildlife Aid Foundation in two separate raids, leaving us £10,800 out of pocket.

They stole a the caravan we were using for important ecological survey work and then stole an £800 generator.


The loss has hit us hard. Our running costs are £1,100 a day and we need every penny to continue our mission, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing injured and stranded wild animals. We can ill afford to lose equipment.

Since we began our work in the 1980s we have relied on the support and generosity of the community and a theft from us is a theft from those who have donated to our work.

While the raids have left us down, we are not out! We are asking you to help us by donating to our Beat-The-Thief appeal. Money raised will help replace equipment and allow us to continue our work.

Even £5 makes a difference.donatebutton

Don’t let the thieves win. Please donate today via our JustGiving page: