Covid-19 Appeal

Over the past forty years, we have overcome fires, burglaries and much more besides at Wildlife Aid. But, as it is for so many, the current Covid-19 crisis is presenting us with one of our most difficult challenges to date. Wildlife Aid receives no government funding; we are only able to keep doing what we do thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Whilst we are still open and as busy as ever, worryingly, it is estimated that the donations we rely on to keep our centre going could fall by as much as 70% over the coming months.
Many smaller rescues have already been faced with the very real possibility of having to close their doors and, although we are very lucky to have reserves in place for just such hard times, they will not last forever and are quickly dwindling.
We are now at the start of our orphan season – the busiest time of year here at the hospital. We are already caring for more than 40 fox cubs, over 100 baby birds, 6 tiny badger cubs (two of whom are needing constant veterinary care) and dozens of young rabbits and rodents, to name but a few. This season is one of our busiest yet, and with limited staff, volunteers and resources, we are struggling to cope.

We need your help!

We know how difficult this time is for everyone right now, but if you are able to help us out by donating whatever you can afford, we would be beyond grateful. Just £10 could provide general support care for a badger cub for 2 days.


We are not sure where the next few months will take us, but we remain determined to stay open and undeterred from our goal – to help injured animals get a second chance at life.