Press Release – 11th November 2011 – Charity warns of risks to animals and children

Children and animals are at risk if you spill anti-freeze in your garage or driveway, according to a Surrey-based animal welfare charity.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation, in Leatherhead, is warning of the dangers to wildlife, domestic pets and small children at this time of year when anti-freeze is widely used.

The liquid tastes sweet but it can be highly dangerous. If it is spilt on the ground it can attract animals who will try to lick it up.

The Foundation, which cares for sick and injured wildlife, has dealt with two cases in the past week of badgers who became unwitting victims of this type of poisoning. 

One of the badgers died straight away, while the other is currently fighting for its life at the charity’s wildlife hospital in Randalls Road.

Charity founder Simon Cowell MBE said: “These were not cases of deliberate poisoning but appear to have been accidents – just the result of the badgers licking at a puddle of anti-freeze.  It is a very common problem and wild animals often die this way. But not just wild animals, it is also a danger to domestic pets. Just three or four licks of anti-freeze can kill a dog or cat. 

“Humans are at risk too. Ingesting just 10ml of this liquid can kill a child. Even a single lick of anti-freeze by a child is all it takes to cause horrific ulceration of the mouth, and any more than that is potentially extremely dangerous, and often fatal.

“It really is not worth taking a risk like that. If you spill any anti-freeze, or see any spilt around your garage, driveway or garden, please make sure it is cleaned up straight away.”

The Wildlife Aid Foundation deals with all types of wildlife hazards. Altogether the charity deals with some 20,000 wildlife emergencies per year. For more information, including helpful advice on how to avert dangers to wild animals in your garden, garage and shed, go to www.wildlifeaid.org.uk.