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Project Tree

Welcome to the first of our Wildlife Aid Education extended projects for school and home, Project Tree.

Trees are wonderful and extraordinary things, the largest and oldest living organisms with which we share the planet. They cover 30% of the Earth’s land surface, they control erosion, they regulate the atmosphere, and they provide the habitat of countless creatures. Meanwhile, throughout human history they have provided shade and shelter, timber for construction, fuel for cooking and heating, and fruit for food.

Sometimes, because of their immobility and their longevity, the sense that they are always with us in the same spot, we may take trees for granted, and not see them as living things in the way we do a smaller plant, or an animal. But imagine a world without trees – or think of the landscape in a place where there are no trees, such as an arid desert, the Arctic, or the Moon. What a terrible place it would be!

So let us celebrate the tree and all it gives us, in every way we can: explore our projects, and enjoy yourselves engaging with all things ‘tree’!

coming soon
We will shortly be adding the following
three project strands (or branches?) to Project Tree:

  • tree poetry – discover amazing poems about trees and woods, and write some tree poetry of your own
  • plant a tree – how to plant a tree and how to help it grow
  • tree scrapbook – make your own tree scrapbook and diary
  • know your tree – learn quick ways to tell different types of trees apart
  • the world of the tree – discover the wide variety of organisms that live in, on or around an oak tree – and for whom the oak tree is the world
  • welcome to the wood – join us as we follow a small area of woodland and the wildlife who live there through the seasons

We welcome any suggestions for further areas we can cover in Project Tree, as well as feedback on any area of the website. Please email any thoughts or ideas to feedback@wafeducation.org.uk

tree houses

discover amazing tree houses, and design your own.

leaf rubbing

make beautiful patterns and shapes from leaves.

amazing trees

meet remarkable trees from around the world.

age a tree

discover how to tell how old a tree is.

tree art

amazing art and ideas for your own artworks.

oldest tree timeline

understanding how old our oldest trees really are.

bark rubbing

uncover the unique texture of every tree.