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The World of the Bee

We are launching an exciting extended project topic for home or school which will explore the strange and fascinating World of the Bee.

We will discover the secret life of these amazing creatures, the vital part they have played in human history, the threats that human activity are putting them under today, and simple things that we can do to help them survive and thrive.

There will be lots of activities for children to get stuck into, and interesting bee-related games, facts, film and sound clips to explore.

We will also be following a particular beehive throughout the year, which will allow us to explore the effect on wildlife of weather and seasonality, as well as meeting young beekeepers to hear their experiences, and bringing you advice from schools who run beekeeping activities.

For further details watch this page, or email us your contact details and we will let you know as soon as the project pages are live.

email :  info@wafeducation.org.uk


Summer hum of the hive

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