FAQS - Amphibians

My cat has brought in a toad/frog, but it doesn’t seem to be injured

If you are sure that the toad or frog is unharmed the best thing to do is to find a safe place to release it.  Ideally away from roads and where it can hide from predators.

My cat has brought in a toad/frog, and it is bleeding

Unfortunately cats do carry some nasty germs in their mouths so it’s possible the bites may become infected.  Please bring the toad or frog to The Wildlife Aid Foundation or to another rescue centre so the wounds can be treated.

I have found a toad/frog caught up in pond netting

Please gently release the toad or frog from the pond netting.  Unfortunately to minimise possible injuries to it you may need to cut the netting.  Once it is free check to see if there are any injuries.  If it appears unharmed please release it in a safe place.  If the toad or frog has injuries then please bring it to The Wildlife Aid Foundation for treatment or take it to another rescue centre.

For expert advice visit the Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group website: