FAQS - How to feed an orphaned bird in an emergency

Call us for advice, but here is what you can do if you cannot get the baby to us within 24 hours:


Warm the baby before attempting to feed it. You can do this by putting it in a box resting on top of a hot water bottle or microwaving a sock filled with rice

Once the baby is warm you can try to give it some fluids.

Note: bird of prey chicks have very sharp claws; be extremely careful if handling them.

To give baby birds fluids, please follow this recipe:

A homemade rehydration solution can be made by mixing: ¼ teaspoon salt + ¼ tablespoon of sugar + 1 mug of warm water – (pre-boiled from your kettle and allowed to cool to body temperature).

Feed the baby with great care, very slowly, as babies can inhale the fluid easily and get pneumonia.

Do not put water in the box/cage with small garden birds as they can drown.

Use a small paintbrush or makeup brush to either brush fluid onto the bird’s beak, avoiding the nostrils or, if the baby is gaping (opening its mouth by itself), insert the brush to the back of the mouth and it will swallow the fluids.

Only small amounts little and often are needed and please only use this homemade solution until you can get the baby in to us, preferably as soon as you can.