Hedgehog Release Programme Application

Thank you for offering to help us release hedgehogs back to the wild.  In order to establish that your location is suitable for a hedgehog to be released there are a number of criteria that we need to check with you.  This is because so many of our hedgehogs have had a bad start to their lives and we want to be completely confident that the area they will be living in helps them to lead a happy and healthy life. Please complete our Hedgehog Release Programme Application form below to see if you are suitable.

The most important factor when releasing hedgehogs into the wild is that the area already supports a hedgehog population.  If there are no hedgehogs in your area then there is usually a good reason for this, and we do not want to release our youngsters in an area where they may not survive, or may not find mates.  If you have never seen a hedgehog in your area then please do check with neighbours – they are shy, nocturnal creatures, and just because you haven’t seen one doesn’t mean that they are not around!

Hedgehog Release Programme Application Form