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If it’s entertainment you’re after then choose from our wildlife rescue books and DVDs.  A couple written by our very own Simon Cowell!

My Wild Life – how Wildlife Aid began

My Wild Life is the story of Simon’s remarkable life told uncensored in his irrepressible voice. Simon’s story is one man’s life-long mission to redress the damage man has done to the environment.  Often hilarious, sometimes harrowing and always insightful, as well as some bad behaviour along the way!  Find out how of one of the UK’s busiest wildlife rescue centres started.

Owl with the Golden Heart

This is the story of One-Eye, an injured owl, and his many friends, Crow, Fox, Woody, Old Prickle and Magpie.  Written by Wildlife Aid founder Simon Cowell, with exquisite illustrations by Wildlife Aid volunteer Jo Maynard.  It also includes a foreword by our patron Julie Walters (Mrs Weasley in the Harry Potter films).

Wildlife SOS The Book – patients throughout the years 

Written for all ages to enjoy, Wildlife SOS is a colourful collection of stories and photographs.  It features the rescue, rehabilitation and release of some of the centre’s young orphaned patients over the years.  See behind the scenes of wildlife rescue.

Wildlife SOS DVD – wildlife rescue in the UK and worldwide

For intrepid animal rescuer Simon Cowell and his team at the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Surrey an average day brings many challenges.  Rescuing and caring for sick and injured deer, swans, hedgehogs, foxes, ducks and all manner of native British wildlife.  We see Simon discover although the situations and species may be different, the basic problems facing the animal kingdom remain the same.

Over the series, we see Simon and his fellow ‘rehabbers’ saving the lives of kestrels, robins and badger cubs in England and helping to protect seals and dolphins on the west coast of Ireland.  They then venture into war-ravaged Rwanda and the Congo to assess the survival prospects of the endangered mountain gorilla.  We see them looking after mistreated orang-utans in Thailand and learning how Namibian tribespeople are being encouraged to rediscover the ability to live in harmony with nature.  Simon and the team also go undercover in a Vietnamese ‘bear bile farm’, and we see some of the very worst excesses of Man’s inhumanity to animals.

Our wildlife rescue books and DVDs are the perfect gift for fans of nature and wildlife.

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