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Adopt an Owl


WAF rescues and rehabilitates sick, injured and orphaned British owls with the sole purpose of returning them to the wild. We strive, alongside other UK centres, to ensure a balance is mantained within the owl population, and our efforts have a positive impact on the UK’s wild owl population.  Your adoption will support our efforts in a very significant way!

Help us by adopting an owl!

The money from your adoption will enable us to rescue an owl that is sick, injured or orphaned, administer any medication it requires and feed it until it is strong enough to be returned to the wild.

After you’ve adopted an owl, like us on Facebook where you can keep up to date with all the owls we rescue this year.

Your adoption pack will contain:

  • A personalised Certificate of Adoption
  • A fact sheet about owls, along with some facts about the Wildlife Aid Foundation
  • Your choice of 2 items, from a furry toy, kids fun pack, “The Owl with the Golden Heart” paperback or Wildlife SOS DVD
  • A handy ‘What to do in a Wildlife Emergency’ wallet card
  • A six month follow up letter (if you provide an email address for the Gift Recipient, this is how it will be sent, unless you specify they would prefer a hard copy).

Please read before you complete the form:

If you choose a ‘Start Date’ in the future we will hold your adoption here and send it out for that date.  If you choose ‘ASAP’ we will send out the pack straight away.  Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

You can adopt an animal for yourself, or for someone else (“Gift Recipient”).

When ordering your adoption you can choose to have the initial pack sent either to yourself, or to the Gift Recipient, but we would like to send the six month follow up letter directly to the Gift Recipient so please make sure you include their address in the Gift Recipient fields.

Adoptions are for a period of one year from the date you choose to start.

    Please select 2 from the following:

    If you choose a 'start date' in the future we will hold your pack here until that date. If you want the pack delivered straight away please choose 'ASAP'

    • £
    • £

    If the gift recipient is not in the United Kingdom, an additional fee of £6.04 will be added to the price to cover shipping costs