British Wildlife Pencils



The Wildlife Aid Foundation British wildlife pencils. This pencil will show your support and care for the British wildlife.

Help our foundation gain exposure by purchasing products from our shop and show your support for our cause. This can help to bring in more donations to help care for sick or injured animals from foxes to hedgehogs. Use our pencils to show your support for the Wildlife Aid Foundation.

The British Wildlife pencil will help you show your support for the care of wildlife across Britain. The pencil will come in the shape of one of the many animals we care for such as a fox, hedgehog or a bird.

By purchasing an item from the shop, you help Wildlife Aid rescue injured or sick animals from foxes to hedgehogs and provide them with around the clock care, food and shelter. Rescued animals will often need specialist drugs, x-rays and sometimes surgery. Our shop enables you to help towards the costs of running the hospital. You can help expose our brand by using our pencils and showing your support for the Wildlife Aid Foundation.