Gift Membership


Available memberships:

Adult – £24
Junior (under 16) – £12
Senior Citizen – £12
Joint (2 adults, same address) – £30
Family – £36
Overseas – £40
Premier – £60
Life – £400

Help our foundation by purchasing a membership for the Wildlife Aid Foundation, you help us rescue injured or sick animals from foxes to hedgehogs and provide them with around the clock care, food and shelter. Rescued animals will often need specialist drugs, x-rays and sometimes surgery. Our shop enables you to help towards the costs of running the hospital.

Memberships are for one year and we will email you when it is due for renewal. Please provide an email address during checkout to keep costs down.


    JOINT OR FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS ONLY - please fill in the names in this box, seperated by commas

    • £

When they become a member they will receive a Membership Pack containing:

  • A personalised membership certificate
  • A welcome letter
  • A copy of our latest newsletter “Wildlife Aid in Action”, followed by a quarterly edition
  • Advance notification of events such as our annual Open Day
  • Regular updates by email


In addition to the items above they will receive a special Certificate of Membership, plus an extra couple of goodies in their membership pack.

Joint, Family or Group

**If you are choosing one of this types of membership, please don’t forget to add the names of those who are join us (your partner’s name, children’s names etc)**