Adopt an Owl

There are 5 species of owl in the UK, including the Barn owl, Little owl, Tawny owl, Long-eared owl and Short-eared owl.

Habitat destructions, road traffic accidents (RTAs), and the use of pesticides (the owl's prey consumes vegetation with the pesticide on it and the owl digests the prey), are all threats to wild owl populations.

Since WAF was formed, we have continued to take in orphaned owl chicks and provide them around the clock care to help build their strength for a life in the wild.

Included in your adoption pack:

  • Species fact sheet
  • Personalised certificate
  • Glossy photo
  • The Owl with the Golden Heart or Wildlife SOS book (depending on availability)
  • Cuddly toy

We will also send you a six-month update on how your adoption is supporting wildlife.

Delivery note

We aim to deliver your item within 5-7 days but please be patient. If your order is delayed it may be because our volunteers are busy helping wildlife in need.