Two for One on Fox cubs

Updated 1 month ago
Rescue - 27th March, 2024
Rehabilitation - 29th March, 2024


Introducing the adorable 'Double Decker' brothers!

Aptly named after being found alone, next to some decking, we were hoping the duo would be with us temporarily. With the brothers roughly 6 weeks old, cubs will often start exploring outside their den from 4 weeks old and can easily become turned around if they stray a little too far. With both brothers being a good weight and having no obvious injuries, they were the perfect candidates for a reunite attempt.


Sadly, mum was a no-show, but if we're honest the pair seemed to be pretty un-phased by their untimely orphaning, likening them, to, well... the chuckle brothers.

The double decker's have been with us for two weeks now, and are thriving. They can regularly be seen engaging with their enrichment and each other. One half of the duo, did develop a minor chest infection, but is all clear now.

They were both recently upgraded to one of our larger outside pens, which if their comical, over-excited reaction is anything to go by, they are loving the extra space.


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