Rescuer almost FALLS! Swan crashes in 50ft tree!

It’s not often we get a call that leaves us well and truly stumped…

On Friday evening we were called out to rescue a swan that had crash-landed in a tree during high winds. The only problem was it was over 50ft off the ground…

As were were unsure of how easily the swan could dislodge itself and how much weight the branches would support, we had to think long and hard about how we could rescue the bird without making the situation worse. With live power lines close by, the climbing team of Lawrie (our cameraman) and Tim (a professional aerial rescuer) had to make sure every eventually was thought through.

Through a carefully co-ordinated effort, we were finally able to recover the swan from the tree and lower it to safety. Despite an initial reluctancy to use one leg, it quickly recovered and could be released just a few days later!

Massive thanks to Tim from Recover and Louis from the RSPCA for making this possible!

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