Rescuer breaks rib trying to save badger

Entanglements are a very common call for us, but they can have huge consequences for the animal involved. The damage done can be extensive and, although we try our upmost to fix the damage, sometimes it’s just too much.

Earlier this month we were called to rescue a badger that had become caught in a school rope swing. Whilst the staff had cut it free, the rope around the paw was digging in deep and the badger needed urgent help.

Simon was soon able to hold the badger with a grasping pole, but a quick turn and slippery ground soon sent him crashing to the floor (and breaking a rib in the process!). Luckily, he did not let go and we were able to contain the badger.

Sadly though, the injury on the paw was just too great. Tissue necrosis, loss of claws and toes and huge swelling made the injury just too large to fix and, after consulting with several experts in orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery, the only option was to put her to sleep.

We always try everything we can with all our patients but, sometimes, it is just not meant to be. Euthanasia is always our last option but, sadly, there are some injuries that are too much for recovery.

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