Saving Harry

In the 1950s there were 30 million hedgehogs in the UK.
Now there are 1 million
By 2025 there will be possible urban extinction.
Help us by Saving Harry…

We are a nation of Hedgehog lovers

These beautiful creatures have been a quintessential part of our British wildlife and our storybooks, all our lives. Now, THEIR lives are in danger. We need to give something back: We need to SAVE HARRY.

Did you know…?

In the 1950s there were over 30 million hedgehogs in the UK, now there are less than one million with urban extinctions predicted by 2025!

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Saving Harry!

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In the 1950s there were 30 million hedgehogs in the UK.
Now there are 1 million.
By 2025 there will be possible urban extinction.

Help us to Save Harry by buying the Saving Harry song

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is campaigning to save the British hedgehog. Once a common sight the length and breadth of the UK, this iconic British wildlife species is declining so rapidly that – unless urgent action is taken by the Government to preserve hedgehogs – it is highly likely that it will have disappeared completely from many parts of the country within the next 10 to 15 years.

That is why we are calling on the Government, councils, farmers, road-builders, house-builders and town-planners – and the Great British Public – to recognise the seriousness of the problem and to take the action that is needed to safeguard these wonderful little creatures.

At the heart of our campaign is the demand for a Hedgehog Protection Act to be passed by Parliament including statutory guidance on how to minimise the danger to hedgehogs from the ‘onward march of progress’. After all, if we cannot even save the humble hedgehog, what chance is there for the many other wildlife species threatened or endangered by development and urbanisation?

To get this message out more widely we came up with a ‘Save Harry’ logo and have launched a major campaign to ‘SAVE HARRY!’ which aims to bring about a change in attitudes and a change in Government policy. Protection of the hedgehog must be made a national priority – before it is too late.

The campaign was launched in 2012, supported by the Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe who revealed that “Sixty years ago there were about 36 million hedgehogs. Incredibly, this number had plummeted to some two million in the 1990s and could now be down to under a million.

We need to take action now before extinction becomes a very real prospect. Previous warnings have had little effect because they have placed the onus solely on the individual to act, ignoring the pivotal role of legislation – something which I understand full well.”

All we ask for is the mandatory introduction of some simple and low-cost measures to improve the survival rates of this iconic British animal, which holds a special place in our hearts.”

You can show your support for this campaign – and do something tangible to help hedgehogs – in a variety of different ways:

* By purchasing a £100 Hedgehog Gift Card, which will enable us to help an underweight hedgehog survive the winter. (We take in between 100 and 200 weak and underweight hedgehogs each year at the WAF centre in Leatherhead – and with a gift of £100 we can feed and care for one of the hogs and ensure they have a safe, warm home for the winter.)

* By ‘adopting-a-hedgehog’ for just £30 (plus £3.95 p&p) – for which you will receive a cute & cuddly hedgehog toy and an official WAF Hedgehog Adoption Certificate..

* By making a monthly donation-by-text by sending the message WILD5 to 70500 (to donate £5 a month) or by texting WILD3 to 70300 to donate £3 a month, or by signing up for a standing order here…

However you choose to support us don’t forget that all donations to the Wildlife Aid Foundation, from pennies to pounds, will go towards saving British wildlife.

Please give as much or as little as you can… every penny counts!