Testimonials - learn how to treat a wild animal

Testimonials – Work with our vet team!

If you are a vet student or qualified vet or veterinary nurse, how about getting hands on with British wildlife? 

With our experienced veterinary team on hand, you will learn everything from advanced animal handling to wild animal medication, and may even be able to assist in surgery!

Take a look at what some of our previous students had to say in these testimonials…

“The 3 months I spent at Wildlife Aid were an amazing and rewarding experience. As a veterinary student, I was given the chance to get involved in all parts of the daily life of this busy wildlife center and of its vet team. The practical training and hands on experience exceded my expectations and it was all supported by an incredible amount of knowledge readly shared by all the team. I got to work with a wide variety of animals of different species and follow all the process from admission to release. Without  a doubt, the foundation does an amazing and valuable work and it was a pleasure to get to be a part of it! “Helena, Veterinary student 

“I had a brilliant time. I feel like I learnt a lot from day one and I really appreciated you taking the time to answer my questions and show me how to do things with vet supervision e.g. IV injections on birds (very useful by the way!). Proof of how much you helped me would be that on my placement just after being with you all, a cold, weak and dehydrated sparrow fledgling was brought in and everyone was pretty convinced he wouldn’t make it… I got him warm, gave him fluids a few times and fed him regularly and needless to say more than a couple of people were impressed when he was bright, noisy and hopping around the next day!”Kate, 5th year veterinary student, Royal Veterinary College

I have learnt so much about wildlife husbandry, nutrition, basic anatomy and hand rearing orphans. I have the ability to distinguish between different species and identify sex. I can confidently recognise common conditions and how they can be treated. I am able to administer a range of different medication and fluid therapy, identifying the route depending on the species. I have been taught how to triage and perform a specie specific clinical exam and how to administer emergency treatment.

It is a magnificent and very fulfilling experience volunteering here. Being able to make a difference and rehabilitate injured wildlife is indescribable. I feel it has made me a more knowledgeable and versatile nurse. I have been able to use all these skills in all areas of nursing and I would highly recommend volunteering here.”  – Sarah, Registered Veterinary Nurse

“I spent a week in early September working with the vet team at the hospital as part of my EMS placement schedule. I can honestly say that I could not recommend highly enough any vet student doing the same. The whole team and charity is incredible, I constantly felt as though people were more than happy to teach me things and at the same time it was extremely refreshing that I was encouraged to fully immerse myself into the veterinary work that was going on. From assisting with suturing a huge laceration on a tiny field mouse, to performing x-rays on the broken wing of a tawny owl, the hospital has incredible facilities and an enormous case load; the perfect mix for a student on EMS. Wildlife medicine is not at the forefront of veterinary school curriculums but after just a week working with the guys at Wildlife Aid I feel as though I have developed everything from handling skills to an understanding of the basic principles in treating wild animals. The week absolutely flew by and I very much hope to return as soon as possible. Thanks guys!” – Angus, 5th year veterinary student, Royal Veterinary College

“I was looking for a new challenge  and I got the opportunity to work at Wildlife Aid. My time at the centre was very fulfilling, learnt so much about British wildlife that as nurses we are never taught.  I would strongly recommend all vet nurses should volunteer at the centre. Its valuable knowledge for the rare occasions you have wildlife brought into the practice, You will be about to help those wildlife cases and give them a chance of life. The team are very welcoming and helpful and will help you so much and they are so much fun to work with.”Hannah, Registered Veterinary Nurse

“Veterinary staff at WAF are at the absolute forefront of knowledge on British wildlife and have evidence-based protocols that go well beyond what you will find in a standard textbook. What’s more, they are passionate and professional about what they do and keen to teach others. Volunteering with them is therefore great clinical experience. Since starting there I have learned examination and handling skills across a wide range of wildlife species, common disease presentations and treatments as well as some real insight into husbandry and welfare considerations. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned how to swiftly and humanely euthanise bird and mammal species, sadly a vital skill for any vet likely to see wildlife emergencies. Volunteering at WAF helps the charity deal with its day to day case load but also gives you skills you can take back into private practice and the confidence to treat wildlife cases yourself without having to refer them on.” – HelenVeterinary Surgeon

Want to apply? Please send an email to vets@wildlifeaid.org.uk