The Waxed Hedgehog

Sometimes cases at WAF leave you lost for words, and this hedgehog was certainly no exception.

He was found near the bins outside a beauty salon by the shops owner coated head to toe in hot wax and was rushed in to see our vet team. The wax had glued him into a ball and he could barely move at all.


With Simon, Naomi, Emma and Angela gathered round to help, we quickly set to work cutting as much of the wax as we could from his body. The process took hours, requiring delicate work to gently pull his trapped limbs away from the sticky prison, but finally he was free!

Amazingly, none of his contorted limbs were badly damaged, but the heat of the wax had left burns on one of his forelegs that required treatment. His body was covered in a special oil before being dusted in a medicated powder to prevent him sticking to himself any more and he was placed into one of our incubators for a rest.6i2a9895

After a few weeks of treatment and daily dressing changes, he was looking much better and was far more active. After a final ok from our vet team he was taken back to one of our release locations by a delighted Simon and was released back into the wild!

Even in 36 years of Wildlife Aid, we have never seen a case like this before. It was down to the quick timing of all involved that this little guy was able to have a second chance!


To watch his entire story make sure you check out our video below: