Think ‘hedgehog’ when you are gardening!

WARNING – Graphic Images below
Yesterday we admitted another poor hedgehog with a horrible face injury. Again, this was probably caused by a strimmer, due to the clean cut on the skin.

The right side of her face, including her eyeball, was completely exposed. Unfortunately, the eye had to be removed because the eye lid was not functional anymore, but luckily, all the skin was still attached to the face and was skilfully stitched back into place by our vet Emma. The pinna (the outer structure of the ear) was detached from the ear canal, so Emma had to put a cotton bud inside to keep the wound from closing over the ear canal. The bud will be removed in a few days, but in the mean time, it doesn’t bother her at all!

She was already eating an hour after the surgery and is still doing fine! She will stay with us for the next three weeks or so before being released back to the wild!

Please, be extra careful when you work in your garden; always double check for buried or hidden prickly friends!