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If you would like to become a Wildlife Aid volunteer or apply for a Work Experience placement please fill in the form below.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is based in Leatherhead, Surrey.  

A lot of work goes into volunteer administration. 

Please ensure you read the job descriptions thoroughly, and are able to commit to the SAME shift on a regular basis, for a minimum period of six months, before applying.

Animal Care (Choose ‘General Assistant’ from the drop down list on the application form and we’ll invite you in for an induction.)

  • Cleaning and feeding of animals at the centre.
  • Setting up pens and cages for new admissions.
  • Restocking food supplies for all areas of the hospital and advising of any shortages.
  • Helping to move animals from one area to another as they progress with their rehabilitation.
  • Being available to help veterinary staff with jobs.
  • General maintenance of the centre – tidying, cleaning, painting, weeding etc.

There are always Animal Care vacancies, but as they change quite frequently it is usually best to wait until you have been for your induction to see what’s currently available.  If there is nothing that suits you we can put you on the waiting list.


If you are applying via Indeed, please make a note below of the shift you are applying for.

Based on the busy hospital reception desk, this public-facing role will involve:

  • Booking in patients at the busy reception desk
  • Taking incoming telephone calls and giving advice to the general public
  • Organising rescues for injured wildlife that need to be attended to at the scene
  • Entering all admissions onto our database (full training given)
  • Encouraging donations and memberships from the public bringing in animals to us
  • General running of a very busy reception desk and administrative support to the main admin. office

Allow 10 days for a response to your application.

N.B. All applications will be reviewed equally; however we always put the needs of our patients first.  Therefore if you do not disclose something on your application that may later affect your ability to care for our patients, then we reserve the right to terminate your volunteering role with immediate effect.

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    Which role are you applying for?*

    Regular commitment

    A lot of work goes into volunteer administration. Please ensure you read the job descriptions thoroughly, and are able to commit on a regular basis, for a minimum period of six months, before applying.

    If you are applying for the Animal Care role or the Hospital Receptionist role, please confirm that you are willing to commit to a regular ongoing shift at the hospital and answer 'yes' to the question below.

    N.B. Monday - Friday shifts are a weekly commitment, and weekend shifts can be either weekly or fortnightly.

    If you are applying for any other role then you can choose 'no' below.


    Which of these best describes your employment status?*

    Feeding Patients

    As part of the role of Animal Carer, volunteers are required to prepare suitable food for the different birds and mammals. Many of our patients require a diet which may include chopped up chick, maggots or mealworms, and volunteers should be prepared to deal with these when preparing feeds.

    Are you willing to learn to deal with dead day-old chicks?*:

    Are you willing to learn to chop up maggots / mealworms?*:

    Are you willing to learn to handle bats, snakes, mice?*:

    COVID-19 Questions

    Does anyone in your household have any symptoms of coronavirus?*:

    Is anyone in your household being tested for coronavirus?*:

    Is anyone in your household self-isolating due to potential coronavirus infection?*:

    Has anyone in your household been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus?*:

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