Wildlife FAQs

Wildlife FAQs

Have you found an injured or abandoned wild animal? Before you touch the animal please check our wildlife FAQs below to get the correct advice; you may not need to intervene at all.

Remember that wild animals are very different from domestic animals; your dog or cat may be comforted by your presence and gentle stroking; a wild animal will be stressed and frightened by your presense and it may cause more harm than good.

Our advice is ALWAYS given putting the animal first. In some circumstances the advice might be to do nothing; in others we may advise you to bring the animal to us. Our wildlife FAQs will talk you through what to do for the best. Of course we can’t anticipate every circumstance so if the answer you need isn’t here just pick up the phone and talk to us!

Domestic Animals & General Equiries

I have found a parrot

As they are not British wildlife, we are unable to admit parrots to The Wildlife Aid Foundation, so please call Birdline (08456 431785) or the RSPCA (0300 1234 999)

I have some terrapins / snake / other exotic that I don’t want anymore. What can I do with them?

As they are not British wildlife, we are unable to admit these kinds of animals.  Please call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 a or search for other rescues online.

I have found a ferret, what should I do?

There are many places which take in ferrets, including the RSPCA; an internet search will show those in your area. For the Surrey area call Lily’s Ferret Rescue on 07904 717795.

There's a peacock in my garden/road etc

Peacocks are generally owned by stately homes / private collections.  We cannot admit any peacocks at The Wildlife Aid Foundation, so the best course of action is to see if you can think of any big houses / National Trust properties etc in the area, and to call them to see if it belongs to them.  If you have no luck with this, then you should call the RSPCA.

Wildlife habitat is being destroyed in my area for building/roads etc. Can you help?

We suggest that you contact local media – press, radio etc, and tell them what is happening.  You could also check with local wildlife groups to see if protected species might be affected (badgers, bats etc)

Some useful telephone numbers:

Birdline: 08456 431785
Lily’s Ferret rescue and rehoming: 07904 717795
RSPCA: 0300 1234 999

Is WAF open to the public?

Wildlife Aid is not open to the public (except on our annual Open Day), due to the nature of the work that goes on here. The animals which are admitted to the hospital are sick, injured or orphaned, and therefore need to be kept in quiet and peaceful surroundings.

However, each year we hold an Open Day at the centre to enable the public to get a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ at the hospital, and on this day you can see inside the hospital, the intensive care unit, and around the cages and pens. Rest assured all very sick animals are removed to somewhere more quiet for the day, but there are always a good number of more healthy animals to be seen.