World’s fastest bird in need of a rescue

Peregrine falcons are not the most common patient at Wildlife Aid, but occasionally they too need our help!

This youngster had flown into the side of a building and had damaged its wing. Luckily for her, she is part of a well-monitored group of peregrines that live and breed in Woking town centre, and we were quickly called to help!

Although Simon approached carefully, it was easy to catch and, after a quick check-up, appeared to have a damaged wing. Back at the centre, and x-ray confirmed our fears; there was disruption between the coracoid and the anterior thorax and the bird could not fly.

Working with Neil Forbes, one of the world leading avian veterinary experts, it was decided that the best course of treatment was cage rest and careful monitoring. Only time would tell if we would be successful…

Amazingly, the bird responded very well and was soon back to full health! After two weeks, we took her back to where she was found and released her back into the wild to be be free once more.

To read more about the lives of there peregrines, please see the Woking Peregrine Project at

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