• Adopt a Fox

    Your fox adoption could help us rescue, rehabilitate, and release a wild fox.

Fox Adoption

The red fox is one of the UK’s most iconic species. Sadly, 70% of wild foxes do not make their first birthday, and an estimated 100,000 foxes are killed on UK roads, every year.

Many other foxes fall victim to litter and netting, in which they get entangled.

We rescue hundreds of foxes, every year. Some are able to be released immediately, where they have been found, and others will remain in our care until they make a full recovery.

This work is only possible due to the public support we receive. Your fox adoption could help us rescue, rehabilitate, and release a wild fox.

Not only will you be providing invaluable care and helping countless animals, but you will also receive an exclusive adoption pack.

Included in your adoption pack:

  • Species fact sheet
  • Personalised certificate
  • Glossy photo
  • Special 10th anniversary edition of ‘The Owl with the Golden Heart’
  • Cuddly toy

We will also send you a six-month update on how your adoption is supporting wildlife.

Adopt today

You can adopt an animal through our online shop.

How your adoption will help

Your purchase will help with the costs of looking after orphaned or injured foxes at the hospital. Our hope is to help rehabilitate injured animals and then release them into the wild.

Adoption information

If you choose a ‘Start Date’ in the future, we will hold your adoption and send it out for that date. If you choose ‘ASAP’, we will send out the pack, straight away. Adoptions are for a period of one year from the date you choose to start.

Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery, or 10 working days during peak season. Please note, all parcels are sent via second class Royal Mail. You can adopt an animal for yourself or for someone else (“Gift Recipient”).

When ordering your adoption, you can choose to have the initial pack sent either to yourself or to the Gift Recipient, but we would like to send the six-month follow-up letter directly to the Gift Recipient, so, please, make sure you include their email address in the Gift Recipient fields.

Please note, we recycle and reuse our packaging materials.

Adopt a Fox

Your adoption will help Wildlife Aid rescue injured or sick foxes and provide them with around the clock care, food and shelter.