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    We are truly passionate about our work, but with your help we can do even more to help British wildlife.

1 in 7 species in the UK is faced with extinction in our lifetime, and 50% of all British species are in decline.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF) exists to protect and care for as many native species as possible. We live in one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world - WAF works to redress the balance – and ensure a future for British wildlife.

It is our mission to create a world where humans are more compassionate and empathic towards the wildlife around us. A world where more people are aware of the need to protect British wildlife. A world where we are able to help ALL animals.

How your donation could help

£10 Donation

Could provide medicine for a sick animal

£20 Donation

Could provide worming treatment for hedgehogs and other small mammals

£50 Donation

Could help hand-rear an orphaned hedgehog

£100 Donation

Could help us treat and care for an injured badger

You can also…

Please send cheques made payable to “The Wildlife Aid Foundation” to the address:

Wildlife Aid Foundation
Randalls Farmhouse
Randalls Road
KT22 0AL

Call 01372 377332 to donate using a credit/debit card.

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GIFT AID IT! At no extra cost to you, when you give a donation or subscribe to our membership scheme, we can claim back the tax you have paid, thus, maximising the gift you have given. Every penny can then be put to good use. All you have to do is click the Gift Aid box on the donation or Standing Order form. You only have to do this once, and it will apply to all future donations you may wish to give us.

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Simon Cowell, CEO Wildlife Aid

Help preserve Simon's legacy

The impact Simon has had on British wildlife has been invaluable. Now, he needs your help to make sure his life’s mission continues. Please consider donating towards granting Simon’s last wish and ensuring a brighter future for British wildlife.