• Helping wildlife in need

What to do

Have you found an injured or abandoned wild animal? Before you intervene, please check the Helping Wildlife section below first.

Remember that wild animals are very different from domestic animals; your dog or cat may be comforted by your presence and gentle stroking, while a wild animal will be stressed and frightened, which may cause more harm than good.

Our advice is ALWAYS given in the spirit of putting the animal first. In some circumstances the advice might be to do nothing; in others we may advise you to bring the animal to us. Our wildlife FAQs will talk you through what to do for the best.

Please note, we will likely ask you to send a video or photo via email or WhatsApp so we can assess the situation.

Of course, we can’t anticipate every circumstance, so if the answer you need isn’t here, please call us!

Hedgehog release programme

Each year Wildlife Aid takes in many young hedgehogs, who are raised to adulthood here at the centre, as well as taking in sick and injured adult hogs all year round. Once fully grown, fit and healthy, these hedgehogs need to be released back into the wild, and we run a Hedgehog Release Programme for Wildlife Aid members who would like to assist us.