The most unforgiving time of the year

The darker evenings and colder nights will see our precious wildlife faced with new challenges and threats, as they constantly battle to survive.

It’s well documented that UK wildlife is in decline, and that the UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. That’s why we must do everything we can to protect each and every animal – and the winter months are particularly treacherous for wildlife.

During the winter months our hospital will be a haven for countless animals.

Increased RTAs (Road Traffic Accidents) due to the darker evenings, orphaned hedgehogs are already showing up, and this will continue, indefinitely, as nests are disturbed causing mothers to abandon their young, not to mention the hogs that are brought to the centre having been affected, and often burnt, as a result of bonfire night. Fireworks will scare a lot of species into fleeing their homes and abandoning their young.

It’s an unforgiving time

The dark cold months are relentless on our wildlife. Freezing nights, the lack of food and shelter, and the constant battle for resources, for survival. We need to be there for them.

With wildlife numbers falling, we need to get as many animals as possible through the winter months. Will you help us?

Hope for wildlife this winter

To get through the next few months, and to give the animals the best possible chance of returning to the wild, we urgently need funds for winter supplies. This includes medications, supplies (such as bandages, food and bedding), plus we urgently require incubators, housing boxes, rehab pens, and oxygenators for use on collapsed and critical patients. We know that’s a lot but, please, help if you can.

It is imperative that we do all we can to support our wildlife, this winter. We have a big challenge ahead, but with your support we know we can continue to be a beacon of hope for our remaining wildlife.

How your donation will help

  • £10 will help buy vital medical supplies, such as bandages and syringes, to help treat injured animals.
  • £30 will help buy food for our rescued animals, over the winter months.
  • £50 will help buy medicine to treat sick and injured animals.
  • £120 will buy an animal housing box to provide a safe, stress-free environment, during recovery.
  • £260 will buy an incubator, to provide warmth and shelter for rescued orphaned animals.

Our work is funded solely by the public and we cannot provide the life-saving rescue or rehab work our wildlife urgently needs, without the kindness and support of people like you.

A donation, this winter, no matter how big or small, will have a huge impact on our dwindling wildlife populations. I hope we can count on you to help care for wildlife, this winter.

On behalf of everyone at Wildlife Aid, and especially the animals, thank you!