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Thursday 3rd August 2023

Calling all nature lovers and green fingered gardeners. We are looking for volunteers to get their hands dirty and help us to create a safe haven for Surrey’s wildlife.

Habitat loss in the UK is pushing many of our native species to the brink of extinction. As part of the habitats development at the Wildlife Aid Centre, we have planted thousands of plants and young trees to help restore some of Surrey’s lost woodland. These plants and trees require ongoing maintenance to give them the best chance of success, and we need your help to look after them.

How you can help

On Thursday August 3rd, from 10am-4pm, we will be running a community engagement day at the site of the new Wildlife Aid Centre. We will be hand weeding in and around the newly planted young trees and plants, as well as doing some pond plant management around our beautiful new ponds.

If you want to get your hands dirty and help Surrey’s nature, contact iDot@wildlifeaid.org.uk today for more information and to book your space.