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Updated 1 month ago
Rescue - 14th January, 2024
Rehabilitation - 15th January, 2024


This poor fox has been on quite the journey...25miles to be exact!

Discovered in a car engine, yes you read that right, after the caller had travelled 25 miles to his destination😬. Noticing their car wasn't driving normally, the gentleman naturally checked under the bonnet, and was met with a rather fluffy surprise.

With the plummeting temperatures, "Mazda" had sought out warmth in the recently used car engine, but after the 25mile journey, that would sure to have been a terrifying experience for him, he was in clear need of rescuing.

But, of course Mazda wasn't going to make it easy for rescuer Mike. With assistance from the AA, the car battery and several pipes and brackets were removed, but, Mike was left with no choice but to pull Mazda out by his tail, and in turn Mazda re-paid Mike with a "love bite".


Once at the hospital, it was obvious straight away, that Mazda has suffered burns to both his back and flank. Given pain relief and fluids, to help with the shock, Mazda was then placed into one of our fox pens to decompress from his ordeal.

Mazda's wounds are being monitored closely, as it is likely that some of the burnt tissue will die away.

Currently very scared in care, we are having to provide him with minimal interaction as possible, to try and keep him free from stress, as this can cause prolonging in wound healing.

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