Fitz is back to being fighting fit!

Updated 9 months ago
Rescue - 26th June, 2023
Rehabilitation - 10th July, 2023
Release - 19th July, 2023


"Fitz" arrived with us at the tail end of June, after being rescued by the RSPCA.

With a broom test completed, and Fitz barely responsive, the RSPCA headed over to collect him.

Once he arrived at WAF, the issue was, shall we say, staring at us right in the face...

As one of this years cubs, Fitz had already been through the wars, and was suffering with an array of problems including; a head injury, infected eye, malnourishment, mange and internal parasites.

Thankfully, though, he'd come to the right place to get some much needed help.


With the abscess on Fitz's head needing immediate attention, Fitz was anaesthisised to have the wound opened and cleaned, draining any infection away from the site.

He was placed on a course of antibiotics, eye drops, anti-parasitic medication, and most importantly pain relief.

Initially, we were concerned by Fitz's behaviour, as he showed little to no defence and would wander in and out of his kennel aimlessly. But with everything he had going on, the goal was to treat him for all of his ailments, and assess his behaviour once in a healthier state.

As the weeks went on, we were delighted to see his behaviour improve day by day, as well as seeing his injuries heal, and his overall condition improve dramatically.


On the 19th of July, the honour of releasing Fitz back onto his home turf was handed back to his rescuers, the RSPCA. It was lovely to discover that despite Fitz being in care for almost three weeks, his family including siblings were still frequently seen in the garden. Check out Fitz heading home below!

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