Fox Cub No.1 of 2022!

Updated 8 days ago
Rescue - 4th March, 2022


This tiny female was transferred into our care after being taken into a domestic vet practice. Her rescuer had found her, cold and alone, by a road, and was, initially, worried that she was an abandoned puppy. Unfortunately, they were unable to provide an accurate location, rendering any attempt at a reunion impossible.

Now warmed up and much more lively, she is receiving the dedicated care of our team, who will do everything needed to help her get back to the wild when she’s old enough.


Our fox cubs grow so fast, this little one has now been joined by a friend!

Will you help our orphaned wildlife?

Every year, orphan season gets bigger and bigger for us. As human populations grow, so, too, does our impact on the natural world. Last year, we had over 180 different species brought to our centre, and we responded to over 20,000 (yes, twenty thousand!) wildlife emergencies. These young vulnerable wild animals are often just days old when they are brought to us, and they need our care and support for a second chance in the wild. Will you help them?