We got this little cub home to mum!

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 12th April, 2023
Release - 13th April, 2023


Over the years we've become very good at raising fox cubs here at Wildlife Aid, but the best thing to raise a young fox is, and always will be, a fox!

This rather active youngster arrived in our care after a member of the public found him walking about looking lost. After they appealed for help via Facebook, one of our volunteers set off to pick him up. Luckily, he wasn't injured and, after an overnight stay, we received some fantastic news... mum had been seen!

Quickly, the little cub was boxed up and taken straight back home where Mike, one of our experienced rescuers, was going to attempt a reunion...


With the little cub contained, Mike placed him right where mum was last seen and retreated to his car to watch from a distance... here is what happened next from Mike himself!

"After a short while, the vixen appeared at the fence on top of the box... The cub was making lots of noise and she was interested, but took a while to come close due to noise in surrounding gardens (dogs, bins, etc). She spent quite a while investigating, but just couldn't shift the lid to get to the now very excited cub!

I decided I had to return to the box and make it easier to remove the lid. after a nervous wait, the vixen returned. Again, the constant noise from gardens, a car coming into the nearby car park and several passers by made her ultra cautious, but she eventually dropped down from the fence and (as I froze and held my breath) fairly quickly worked out how to remove the box lid. With the cub beyond excited, she then tipped the box and cub ran straight out to meet her! She led it away a short distance, then gently grabbed it in her mouth and headed off" - Mike Berwick [WAF Rescuer]

What an amazing result!

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