Fox cub triplets!

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 2nd March, 2023
Rehabilitation - 4th March, 2023


From just a single fox cub a few days ago, we now have FOUR!

These three boys are all from the same litter, and we were called out to help after a member of the public found them in their garden. Although their mum could not be seen, there was still a chance to get them home and Mike, one of our experienced rescuers, set off to try and reunite them.

Over the course of two evenings, Mike spent hours patiently watching and waiting to see if the cub's mother would return. With signs looking promising, the trio were placed outside in a warm box and Mike waited for mum to take them...

Unfortunately, she never did. With the hours getting longer and the cubs getting hungry, we had no option but to raise them here at the centre.


Now being raised by our Hospital Manager, Alannah, they are making great progress and are already feeding perfectly. Although they still have a lot of growing left to do, they will return to the wild when fully grown.

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