Fox given emergency surgery after being hit by a car

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 18th February, 2023
Rehabilitation - 25th February, 2023


Sadly, we have seen a significant spike in RTC (road traffic collision) cases recently, with this poor fox being one of the latest victims.

He was rescued by Lawrie and Alannah after being hit by a car in the later hours of the evening. Although the driver had left the scene, a kind member of the public stopped and called us so that we could get him safely back to the hospital.

Unfortunately, he had taken a serious impact and was left with superficial head injuries and several broken teeth. With the roots exposed and with infection now a very real risk, we needed specialist help if we were to fix his mouth...


Well... we definitely said that we weren't giving up and we meant it! The team of specialists that responded to our request for help are some of the best veterinary dental surgeons around and they have done an absolutely incredible job!

These three surgeons, Dr. Jonathan Frost, Dr. Valentina Farrarese and Dr. Charlie Tewson are all veterinary dental residents - an incredibly competitive field where only the best are selected. Working together (and without cost), they managed to extract the damaged roots and repair the damage to the gums and mouth, doing such a good job that you would barely know anything was ever wrong!

This fox still has a lot of recovery to go but, thanks to the incredible support of Jonathan, Valentina and Charlie, survival is now looking much more likely.


Just a few weeks later, and you'd never know it was the same fox! With his mouth surgery a compete success, he's not only recovering well, but he's now ready for release!

Words can't describe how thrilled we are and we're so thankful to all involved for allowing us give him a second chance!

Stay tuned... 🦊

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