From the Thames to us!

Updated 5 months ago
Rescue - 24th October, 2023
Rehabilitation - 25th September, 2023


This fox is one of the luckiest foxes we've admitted for a while. Rescued by the RSPCA, the vixen was spotted floating down the river Thames by some workmen, who reported to see her clinging onto two sleepers almost lifeless.

RSPCA ARO, Mark Hanley had to wait until the tide had lowered, before it was safe enough to rescue the fox, and for how long she had been floating for, we're unsure.


On arrival, the fox, aptly named "Rose", was non-responsive, hypothermic, and bradycardic. Our vet team had their work cut out for them trying to steadily raise and stabilise Rose's temperature.

Placing the fox on our heated assessment table, using "hot hands", as well as a hairdryer, vet, Marco, and nurse Kayleigh, worked on drying Rose whilst gently warming her body.

Whilst warming Rose, she was discovered to have also suffered two puncture wounds to her rump. With one already open, the second required surgical intervention to drain the infection.

After cleaning both wounds, and administering warmed fluids, the vets placed Rose into one of our warm holding pens with a heat lamp above her.

We really weren't sure her body was going to recover from such an ordeal, but after several hours (7 to be exact) of warmth, and giving her the time to rest, our words escaped us, for the moment she tried to lift herself up.

Whilst initially, but understandably, wobbly, it wasn't for another 24 hours, before Rose's temperature had fully stabilised.

She still has a little way to go, as the puncture wounds to her rump are showing signs of infection, but Rose has made an astounding recovery from being very close to the brink.


We're over the moon to share Rose made a full recovery, and two weeks after arriving in care, she was finally ready to head home. Check out her release video below!

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