Another day, another fox stuck in a jar!

Updated 6 months ago
Rescue - 28th November, 2023
Rehabilitation - 29th November, 2023
Release - 21st December, 2023


No, this is not a new species in the area, it is, indeed, a fox with a jar stuck on his head!

Sadly, not our first and unlikely our last, "Jar-Jar" fox was reported to us four days before his rescue, as, unfortunately, he was still incredibly mobile, making capture difficult.

But finally, four days after his first report, we got the call we were waiting for. Two wonderful members of the public had spotted Jar-Jar and were able to follow him until he settled in some undergrowth.

Having had no food or water for several days, Jar-Jar was, understandably, weak. After climbing through some brambles, our rescuers were able to secure Jar-Jar, remove the jar and transfer him over to the hospital.


After allowing Jar-Jar some time to decompress, he was given a full assessment, as well as fluids, antibiotics and pain relief. He had not only suffered injuries around his neck and ears, but also had an infected abscess on his groin.

Having had an empty stomach for so long, we offered Jar-Jar some Hill’s Pet Nutrition restorative mousse, which aids recuperation from serious illness and provides special proteins for wound-healing. After an hour of licking his lips, Jar-Jar finally plucked up the courage to have something to eat.

On his second day in care the impact of Jar-Jar's ordeal became very apparent. Unable to stand up, dehydrated and lifeless, our vet team jumped into action, and began providing round the clock heat, fluids and support feeds.

Needing the supportive care for a full 48 hours, it wasn't until his 7th day in care, he was finally stable enough to move to one of our bigger pens.


We are very pleased to share Jar-jar's return back to the wild. Check out the video below for his full story and release!

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