Trapped by his Tail!

Updated 5 months ago
Rescue - 20th January, 2024
Rehabilitation - 21st January, 2024
Release - 28th February, 2024


It's like the male foxes of Surrey have been competing in a "who can get trapped the best" competition lately!

Poor "Gator" (nicknamed because, well, he was stuck on a gate, but also because he is one snappy fox) was found hanging by his tail, which had all but tied itself in a knot, through the iron bars. Rescuer, James, did an incredible job, single-handedly restraining Gator and avoiding his natural defences, i.e. his teeth, whilst unwinding the very wedged brush.


Sadly, this wasn't a simple rescue and release for Gator, who, once safely back at the hospital, was examined by our vet, Marco, and found to have extensive damage to his tail, including multiple deep wounds and a compound fracture, requiring amputation.

With Gator being a male fox, and in otherwise stunning condition, he was incredibly eager to get back home. Having trashed his pen multiple times during his stay, and grumbled at anyone that dared enter, Gator made things a little interesting when it came to checking his tail wound was healing properly.


After just 8 days in care, Gator was returned home, where he belongs. One of the incredibly lucky ones, needing just a small amount of his tail removed, and some time to allow his wounds to heal. With his rescuer, James, doing the honours, once back on his home turf, Gator knew exactly where to go! Check out the video below to see his full rescue and release!

Good luck, Gator!

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