Fox cub number one!

Updated 1 month ago
Rescue - 2nd March, 2024
Rehabilitation - 4th March, 2024


Number ONE!

This little chunk, who's clearly already had media training, would like to say hello to all of our supporters, who will now watch her grow up.

Weighing a great 226g, the young vixen had, unfortunately, been dropped by mum whilst she was moving through gardens and despite our efforts to reunite them, mum was a no-show.


On arrival, her eyes and ears were still closed, and she was and still is fully dependent on her new foster mum, Carole, to keep her warm, fed and toileted, until she starts to gain some independence.

Given the nickname "Hanna", based on the area she was found, it wasn't long before Hanna was joined by two more cubs, including a very vocal cub, nicknamed Montana, see what we did there. The trio will now remain together, with more joining them as we admit them, to form an artificial litter of cubs.

The trio recently came in for their weekly check. All three are doing well, and from the photo above it isn't difficult to work out which one is eating a little more than the rest (Hanna on the left). Something that is fairly common in young animals is the development of conjunctivitis. Hanna is suffering with a mild case, which, foster Carole will now help to manage with daily eye cleans.

Be sure to keep checking back as we continue to update you on their journey back to the wild.


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