Not quite go for this red-listed Greenfinch

Updated 23 days ago
Rescue - 14th May, 2024
Rehabilitation - 29th May, 2024


Over the last few weeks, we've had 46 species of bird, including this red-listed greenfinch, arrive at the hospital.

Brought in as a tiny 11g hatchling, his red gape and strong, conical seed-eating beak were unmistakable in identifying him as a member of the finch family, as well as his constant want for food!


Finch species are notorious for asking for food continuously, and this is why it is essential, as with many of our birds, that their crop is empty before feeding them.

With currently no other finch species in care, it is still always beneficial for a young animal to be with others, so, "Finchy" as he's nicknamed, is currently bunking with a sparrow, two blue tits and a great tit.

Sadly, greenfinches have undergone a major population decline in the UK since the mid-2000s, due to the disease Trichomonosis - a parasitic disease that infects the tissues in the bird's mouth, throat and oesophagus, making it hard for them to eat and breathe.

Though the greenfinch only takes 18 days to fledge, they are one of the longest baby birds to wean. This entails weaning them away from their supportive feeds from us and encouraging them to feast on the range of seeds on offer.

We will keep you updated on how his weaning goes, and hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to bring you his release.

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