Ice the fox cub finally warms up

Updated 1 month ago
Rescue - 2nd April, 2024
Rehabilitation - 4th April, 2024


Sweet, little 'Ice' is lucky to be alive

Arriving ice cold at our reception, Ice had gone almost 18hours without appropriate warmth or food.

Fox cubs under three weeks of age are unable to thermoregulate their body temperatures, meaning they rely on external sources of heat to survive. At only two weeks old, we were taken-a-back to discover Ice had to be rescued from being entangled in netting, our youngest fox ever!

Unfortunately, although with good intentions, a reunite attempt was made by the finders, however Ice was left out all-night without a heat source. We cannot stress enough, how important it is to contact a rescue for advice, before attempting to reunite any animal.


Ice was brought to us just in time, and was immediately placed into one of our incubators.

Once warmed up, she was given a full check-over where she was found to have grazes to her feet, as well as being, unsurprisingly, dehydrated.Ice is being monitored closely, and we will keep you updated on her progress

UPDATE 10/04/2024

After just over a week in care, Ice has almost fully recovered from her ordeal. She has finally opened her eyes, and after some initial reluctance to feed, she is now regularly gaining weight.


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