Orphaned Tawny Chicks

Updated 1 month ago
Rescue - 8th June, 2022


We now have five utterly adorable tawny owlets!

Number five arrived late last week, having fallen from its nest, directly on to a busy road. Luckily, it hadn't sustained any injuries, however, there were a fair few scabs around its beak, indicating it hadn't had the best care so far.With no sign of the parents around, the youngster has now joined our budding group of youngsters and is looking much happier!


It's upgrade time for our young tawny owls!

Now starting to need a little extra space, our older group have now moved into one of our larger aviaries to get to grips with how to fly. Although still looking a little white and fluffy, it won't be long before their adult plumage appears in full, and they will be heading back to freedom before we know it!

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