Our 2022 fox cubs have freedom in sight!

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 4th March, 2022
Release - 18th August, 2022


It's been quite a while since these young cubs arrived in our care. All arriving under various different circumstances, they have done extremely well and grown up to be amazing characters. Some of the youngsters include a cub that was found sleeping inside a car engine and another was found on a farm and taken to a local vet practice.


Once they had all grown large enough, they graduated from their smaller indoor pens, to a much larger enclosure equipped with an inside bedding area and an outside run. Each of these enclosures has lots of enrichment for the growing cubs and helps them to learn natural wild behaviours.

For the past few month's, they have all grown a firm bond and we have witnessed their very playful nature, whilst they finish their rehabilitation journey's.


They have now moved into the last phase of this journey, and that's their soft release enclosure!

Located in a hidden section of woodland on private land, they can learn what it's really like to be wild foxes. The release enclosure lets them adapt to the sights and smells of their new environment and also lets the local fox population come and investigate.

After just two or three weeks, the door will be opened and the youngsters will be able to roam free, once more!

They are welcome to come and go as they please, and although you may think they'd be out of there like a shot, it normally takes a good few hours for them to build up their courage and take those first steps to freedom.

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