Owlets fly through

Updated 1 month ago
Rescue - 3rd April, 2024
Rehabilitation - 3rd April, 2024
Release - 3rd April, 2024


Returned to their nest quicker than you can say tawny owl, these adorable fluff-balls were our first, very lucky, owlets of the year.

The proactive landowners found the siblings at the base of an old beech tree, next to a sizable branch that had clearly been supporting the nest's structure. Regrettably, when the branch gave way, the nest opened up, causing the doddery owlets to tumble out.


The finders called us straight away for advice and after a very brief visit to our hospital for a check-over, much to the owls’ feisty annoyance, the pair were cleared to be returned to their nest.

With the incredible help of Treeline Services Ltd & Arboricultural Association, the nest was quickly located, including the discovery of a third owlet. Using natural substrates, the open side of the nest was able to be blocked off, preventing a repeat fall, but allowing the parents to still return to their brood.


The precious owl family were reunited and we are ecstatic that the young owls will get to graduate from their parents' expert tutelage.

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