Peregrine Falcon Family

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 15th June, 2022
Release - 5th July, 2022


It's very rare that we see peregrine falcons at WAF, so when they do arrive, they cause quite a buzz around the centre. In case our volunteers weren't aware of his presence, they were soon alerted by his ear-piercing screech! With an examination finding nothing out of the ordinary, it's a little bit of a mystery as to why this gorgeous bird was found grounded. A few days of cage rest and a precautionary dose of pain medication will hopefully do the trick.

You wait all year for a peregrine falcon and then two come along at once!This young female, the sibling of the bird bird we posted about recently, was found on the ground having fledged a little too early. Bright and in good body condition, she was found to have a minor parasite burden, but nothing too serious.

...And then number 3 arrived...with a very similar story to the other two. Having only just fledged, the local peregrine monitoring team was a little concerned about her progress and brought her to us for a check-up. Luckily, with no physical injuries, it seemed she was just a little too weak to take to the skies and needed some R&R to get her strength back.


After a little time under our care, we're delighted to say that our first young peregrine falcon is now back with his family!

Now free of parasites and able to take flight at last, the second of our young peregrine falcons has also been returned home. Amazingly, just a few days after release, she was spotted playing 'tag' with the young male we released a short time before!

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