Pigeon freed from chimney!

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 3rd December, 2022
Rehabilitation - 4th December, 2022


We will go to any lengths we can to rescue a trapped animal but, sometimes, a rescue is only possible thanks to the kindness of the property owner...

This poor pigeon had managed to fall down a disused chimney and was left standing on top of a wooden box. With no access from above, the only way to rescue him was to cut the top off the box - something that the homeowner was more than happy to allow.

Using a special oscillating saw (so as not to harm the bird), our team carefully cut round the sides of the box (including screws!) to get the roof free. This process took some time but, finally, the poor bird was free.


After several days trapped in the tiny space, the poor bird was in a bad way. Thin, weak and with a mouthful of soot he was quickly rushed back to the hospital for help. There, Meriem (one of our vets) and Phoebe (one off our vet students) set to work cleaning him up. Amazingly, their efforts worked wonders and, the next morning, the bird was looking so much better!

He still has a little way to go, but we'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to the homeowner for going to any length to get the poor pigeon free!

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