Our latest Road Traffic Accident is on the mend.

Updated 6 months ago
Rescue - 22nd November, 2023
Rehabilitation - 23rd November, 2023


As the evenings get darker, and the temperatures drop, our wildlife become more at risk of road traffic collisions as they travel further afield to find new food and new territories.

This poor tawny owl was our latest victim. Found at the side of a road, bleeding and suffering with a swelling to his left eye.


For a tawny owl, he was quite subdued during his assessment, but able to use his wings and legs, well. On inspection of his eyes, it was clear that he'd suffered damage to his right eye. Using an Ophthalmoscope, vet Meriem discovered a haemorrhage in the posterior chamber, causing the lens to be inflamed and blurry.

Placed on a special eye drop to help keep the eye moist and reduce the inflammation, the owl was otherwise in good condition, just a little underweight.

During his cage rest, he was test flown to be sure he hadn't suffered any other issues and had the capability of flight.

Successfully passing his flight test, and even demonstrating his nifty climbing skills. It is a case of now just waiting for his eye to heal, before he's returned back to his territory.

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