Sensational Swift Siblings

Updated 15 days ago
Rescue - 4th June, 2024
Rehabilitation - 6th June, 2024


With this very special species, rarely arriving at this age, it's understandable that their identity wasn't immediately known by some of the team. However, with a couple of eagle-eyed twitchers in our arsenal, they were quickly identified, which was then followed by a wave of panic and pressure!

Just days old these are not only red listed, but require hand-feeding all the way up to their release, and must grow with absolute perfection, not a feather out of place! Sadly, with their nest disturbed the previous day, by a roofer, the siblings were left without a returning parent.


After the pair were stabilised, they headed off to the expert hands of Kasia, a volunteer for WAF for 7 years and the founder of the Swift Protection Association Reigate, we're pleased to share two weeks on the siblings are looking unrecognisable.

With them being so young, it was touch and go for the first few days, but, now in a regular routine with a nutrient-filled diet, they are unrecognisable from the vulnerable state they arrived in.

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